Eric Cornelis Bos (1970, Noordoostpolder, the Netherlands) is a professional visual artist, architect and designer with a focus and great passion for perfection and excellence. Inside of him burns a great desire to make the world enthusiastic with refreshing, inspiring and conceptual art, architecture and design. Bos is very inquisitive and progressive, always wanting to move forward. Constantly seeking perfection, innovation and new creative ideas. 


Bos has always had a great passion for many forms and styles of art, design and architecture. From his artistic approach in the field of architecture it was not only a logical step to start making visual art. It also became a deep desire within.


“I can really enjoy the different forms and expressions of art. It is a great inspiration to me. At the same time every work of art as an endresult is by definition a boundary which I want to cross over, searching for new possibilities and insights. At the beginning of every new piece of art there are new opportunities and possibilities that are endless. That awareness makes the development of a new painting incredibly attractive and challenging."


Bos has spend the years of his youth in Canada. During this time he has received several awards in the fields of art and mathematics. Back in the Netherlands he decided to study architecture at the University of Eindhoven, where he has earned his Masters of Science degree in 1999.


Combining the practicing of the different creative disciplines, Bos is seeing a synergetic effect that is lifting every discipline, creative processes and results to a higher and at the same time deeper level. Bringing knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities that reinforce each other on the way to perfection.


“My great passion for the different artistic disciplines is so great that there was nothing else to do then to step into them and just go all the way. The positive energy this produces will lead to new impulses and energy for every next step.”